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"It’s not what you’ve got, it’s what you do with it"

"All activity counts"

"A stretched muscle is a strong muscle"

"Enjoy the moment"

"Less is more"

"You can never be too rich, but you can definitely be too thin"

"Sweat daily"

"Life will give you what you need. It's up to you to get what you want"


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Trying out 'Body by Science'

In line with studying the Body by Science book (keeping your workout to one intense workout a week), I've been incorporating it's core elements into my own training routine. So far, I'm more than impressed - tons of energy, better sleep, less appetite, and more strength.

Here's what I did this week.

I had enough energy on Thursday to do an interval style workout. This told me four things:

  1. I like to work out twice a week
  2. The very intense 15-minute workout needs to be eased into
  3. I like interval training workouts that use a combination of cardio equipment and strength training machines at least once a week
  4. Eating enough food at the right time and drinking enough water throughout the day are crucial elements if you want to build muscle and lose fat

I stretched after both workouts and the total amount of time spent exercising was 1.5 hours. I point this out because I feel so good, for such little time spent. Who says more time training, equals better results?

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No Time For Exercise, Have I Got News For You...

Do strength training, for a shorter amount of time and less often and you will gain all the fitness benefits that your body needs with less wear and tear on your joints. 

Sounds good, right? Well it is just that. The book by Dr. Doug McGuff and John Little called A Body of Science introduced me to this new concept, then proceeded to methodically explain how and why it works. They backed up their information with the latest science on body mechanics and a host of new studies and papers written on the subject.  

And, by the end of the book, I got it: strength training is the best exercise for your continued health.  

It helps to have some understanding of science physiology but even if you don’t, it’s a fascinating read.  Once you understand this new concept of training, look for a trainer that knows how to put you through the Body by Science routine. 

As a busy fitness trainer with over 35 year of experience I can say that this way of exercising makes perfect sense to me. Day one training session for me was yesterday. I set my weights and did my workout in 15 minutes. I’ll keep you posted.

I've attached an info video of the author being interviewed, coupled with an example of the workout. Keep in mind this is meant for all ages, men and woman. Check it out: 


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