"Be Brave"

"It’s not what you’ve got, it’s what you do with it"

"All activity counts"

"A stretched muscle is a strong muscle"

"Enjoy the moment"

"Less is more"

"You can never be too rich, but you can definitely be too thin"

"Sweat daily"

"Life will give you what you need. It's up to you to get what you want"


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The YWCA Meet The Trainer Follow-Up

It was fun to do this short 10-minute presentation of my top five favorite warm-up exercises. Thanks to everyone who participated and the crowd that watched.

#1. Posture Check

It helps to set the intention of the workout, plus, it identifies which areas of your body need some exercise support.

 #2. Sit Down/Stand up  

Sitting back when you sit down and lifting both arms overhead at the same time is a good total body type movement.

#3. Wall Chest Press

Engage your abs, lead with your forehead, not your chin, and keep your shoulder blades squeezed together as you release toward the wall and push away.


#4. Inner-Thigh Rock

Lean forward from the hips as you rock from side to side. The goal is to feel a stretch in the inner thigh and not in your knees.


#5 Hamstring Kick  

Stand tall to start these alternating leg kicks.

Dynamic warm-up exercises are a great way to get some physical activity into your busy sedentary life. Spend a minute doing each exercise, including the posture check. That’s six minutes towards more activity in your day. You have to start somewhere.