"Be Brave"

"It’s not what you’ve got, it’s what you do with it"

"All activity counts"

"A stretched muscle is a strong muscle"

"Enjoy the moment"

"Less is more"

"You can never be too rich, but you can definitely be too thin"

"Sweat daily"

"Life will give you what you need. It's up to you to get what you want"


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FITT for Travel – Bon Voyage

The idea to develop a FITT for Travel Program for Jody’s Fitness started to take shape seven years ago when I was invited to go on a vacation that included opportunities for snorkelling, hiking, paddling down a river and climbing up 532 steps to view Machu Picchu.  Most of the people on this trip were older and it became obvious that with a little training, all of the above activities probably would have seen less injury and much less daily discomfort. 

I started listening to my own advice seven weeks ago and developed my own FITT for Travel Program. I’m happy to say it’s been a great success. The goals have been met – I’m feeling stronger and ready to go. 

When I’m traveling, I don’t exercise. All I do is light stretching. Tomorrow is the final workout routine of the program.  It’s time to start making sure I’m well hydrated. Travel day will include a longish relaxing walk and a good amount of time stretching before leaving for the airport. 

I’m off next week and will be back in mid-September. I’ll write a recap post when I’m back. 

Bon Voyage, 

Jody J.

p.s. the picture below is where I'm going.